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Miller Levine Biology

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Hi, All. I'm trying to finish up my biology plans for the upcoming year. We are going to use the Miller Levine biology textbook. For those of you who have been there, done that, are the labs in the corresponding workbook enough? I'm not necessarily looking for an AP level class, but I would like to give my son a solid biology course.




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I mixed up some labs from the Miller Levine Lab Manual and the Biology All Labs No Lecture.  I didn't want to spend a fortune and I tried to choose labs that would fit the concepts my son needed to spend the most time studying.  I put a plan together here and listed the resources I need for each lab.

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Thanks, I think I might use some of the M/L labs and some from the Illustrated Guide. I have both, so I might as well pick the best of the best :)


It sounds like I would be fine with just M/L if need be though.


The labs are reasonable and solid. I used the the first time through Miller Levine and it was fine. I had planned to use The Home Scientists, Biology All Labs No Lecture book (which can be downloaded free) to replace/improve some of the labs the second time around, but dd likes DIVE, so we're coordinating with DIVE labs instead.

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