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Science worksheets/coloring pages for kindergarten


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I'm looking for some free worksheets/ coloring sheets for dd for science. She will be in kindergarten at a Catholic school but we are afterschooling history and science. I have a general outline of what I want to do and I have found some resources for history (coloring sheets and maps) but science has me stumped as far as other activities out side of experiments and making books with cutout pictures.


We are essentially doing the four year science cycle in one year just for introduction. We are doing American history this year (going to Williamsburg, VA at the end of August).


I have science broken down into four 16 week sections (Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry and Physical Science)

Biology is broken down into 4 weeks of animals, 4 weeks about plants and 4 weeks of anatomy

Earth Science is 4 weeks of weater and seasons, 4 weeks about geology, and 4 weeks of astronomy

Chemistry is 8 weeks about the periodic table, 4 weeks of atoms, and 4 weeks of molecules

Physical science is 8 weeks of energy, 4 weeks about matter, 4 weeks about simple machines

I want to use the Learn and Find out books among others that I find at the library. I am also using some resources from Guest Hollow and teachpreschoolscience.com.

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Check out the "Complete Book of Science Gr 1-2" and the others in the series. They actually have some very nice quality stuff in them -- very worksheety, but much better quality than random worksheets you'll find on the web -- and probably cover the topics you want pretty well. They are so cheap that they are probably cheaper than printing (by a lot). I got them at Sam's many years ago. Check Amazon.

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