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Let me tell you about my husband.......

Lara in Colo

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He has his faults (like any human) and I get exasperated with him continually.  We are hurting  (money wise) right now and he is always working and striving to no avail.  Money is tight and he is always stressed.


This weekend I went to my neighbor's house and noticed my 75+ yo neighbor wasn't looking good.  He was sort of grey.  It is very hot here in Colorado and people who have never needed A/C are now suffering.  This would be my neighbor.


I talked to DH, we went over and tried to give them (the neighbors) a window unit we had laying around and we really couldn't find a way to install it.  So we came home and looked online and we couldn't  afford  even the cheapest unit at Home Depot.


We have some room on our HD card, but not enough.  DH told me to call HD and see if there were any 'broken boxes"  or returns that were discounted. 


Nope-- but I left my number and I told the girl about my neighbor.  The manager called today and sold it to me for the room on my card.  (he took about $80 off).  I bought it and installed it and they are cooler today.  Yea!! Home Depot manager !!


I called DH and told him how they were insistent on paying (I told them to try it for a week before we even talk about the cost-- make sure you like it-- then we might talk about money). 


You know what DH said?  ---


Tell them this is our tithe and a gift to God.

That is the man I married.




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I am crying right now reading your post.



I am so glad there are people like that in the world.


That manager and your husband (and the girl who told the manager--it

would have been so easy to just forget) are AWESOME.


Sometimes I love people.


Why can't I stop crying.

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