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Candida Overgrowth Question

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I think my dd5 may be experiencing candida die-off...long story, which I'll type below, but my question is:


What do I feed her for dinner tonight?


I was gone for a week at the beginning of July (hubby fed kids what he could!) and even before that and after I came home, we ate out more than usual. I bought the sugar cereal for easy breakfast, we had spaghetti a lot for dinner, etc.


This past week, I went back to smoothies with Yakult for breakfast and salads and protein for lunch and dinner. DD5 in the past few days, but especially today (2, 3 days into getting back on track?) has flu-like symptoms: feverish, chills, aches, mouth hurt, her usual tummyaches...


She has been asking for pancakes and muffins since the weekend! So, do I give her pancakes for dinner to make her feel better? Lessen the effects of the die-off? Or will that be stupid? I was just briefly reading that I should've been more gradual with the diet changes...Do I add back in sugar foods (fewer) and then taper back off? Or do I keep the veggie and protein track? Also, do I stop using Yakult? (okay this is more than one question!)


Reason why I think she has candida overgrowth: when she was 12-18 months, she had such a bad virus or something that she had a hard time breathing. I took her to the ER and she was given a breathing treatment immediately and we were sent home with an inhaler. I gave her the inhaler for a few days, but then felt uncomfortable giving it to her anymore, and she was better, so we stopped. Could that have been prednisone or whatever that was given her, causing the candida imbalance?


DD5 often mentions that her brain doesn't remember things well. She's also had tummyaches as long as she's been able to mention them. The mouth hurting was new to me today, though. She asks for carby things often for meals. But then again, she also asks often for salad (esp when we were eating badly the past few weeks).


I just gave her an epsom salt bath to help her detox. But what should I do for dinner?



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I would stick to the protein/veggie diet and treat the die-off. If you give her what she's craving, you'll just prolong the cycle.


I just looked up Yakult and you're right, it's extremely high in sugar.  There are quite a few low sugar probiotics (as well as sugar free if she can swallow capsules), so I would switch to something else.  


There are various supplements that can help with the die-off and reduce the unpleasant symptoms your DD is experiencing.  The website I linked previously has a thorough overview of candida die-off and treatment options.  It also has a great section on probiotics as well.  


SInce that site does offer products for sale, I just want to mention that I'm not affiliated with them in any way, and I don't get anything for recommending their site.  It's just one of the better sites I've been able to find on this topic.

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If there are sore in her mouth from Candida, use plain-- no sugar of any type-- yogurt-- greek style.  Have her put it in her mouth and hold it with out swallowing for as long as she can (1 min?).  Repeat several times a day-- before bed (after teeth brushing) put it on the sore and send her to bed-- try to fall asleep with it still on the sore.


For die off--- I really like coconut oil-- reduces cravings a lot.  Put it on toast, or in cocoa--- or just have a spoonful.    It will make the tummy cramp a little while the candida is dieing off-- but the NEED for carbs is really reduced.


Although--- I am not fully convinced this is candida-- but if are, I trust your mommy instincts and made suggestions accordingly.

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Thanks, all. I'm...convinced it's candida, but hoping it's not, does that make sense? It would just be easier to continue to eat more healthily as a family, but not worry about what dd5 can and can't eat.  She's a lot happier today, so maybe it really was just a sickness. But I'm going to see how different foods affect her, keeping a food journal for the first time, and will gradually find that magical balance where the whole family can eat a similar meal!  I don't mind making modifications. For example, I left salt out when baby was doing only purees and added the salt to the big people's food before serving.

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