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Many thanks and an update


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I want to take a minute to thank all you lovely ladies for supporting me and helping me through my mini breakdown a little over a week ago. You were right, of course, pneumonia is tough but I had nothing to worry about. I finish up the last of my antibiotics today and feel much better with only a slight, occasional cough. Last Saturday and Sunday was especially difficult. My ribs hurt so bad from coughing!


Last Sunday I awoke with a terrible toothache. My wisdom tooth had a small cavity but between Sunday and this morning, the tooth turned dark, almost black and was painful. My dentist pulled it this morning. The removal wasn't too painful but not uneventful. The dentist was having trouble getting it loose when all of a sudden something popped. Then dentist said, "Crap, I hate when I do that." Not something you want to hear. Turns out he broke the tip off his tool. The next few minutes was spent searching for a piece of metal unsuccessfully. Finally he gave up and said maybe it went down the "sucker thing". Guess it could be worse. Shortly after the tooth came out and I was left with a hole, a bill, and more pain meds. Thank God for pain meds. LOL. I would appreciate any prayers that I recover quickly if you have time to spare. Oh, and more importantly, if you would pray for my 2yr old who came down with a cough yesterday afternoon and 12 yr old that has a sinus cold. I am pretty sure 12 yr old is allergies but am a little concerned that youngest may have caught my cold. Hopefully not as I stayed away from her as much as possible and have been on antibiotics for 10 days. I would hate for anyone in the family to go through what I had.


Last rambling update....With all the unexpected expenses, money is tight. I was so greatful that my mom's last visit brought me so many fresh vegetables and deer meat. She packed my freezer full. I knew this would help us. Sadly while I was sick and not cooking much, the freezer door was apparantly left slightly ajar causing the breaker to flip. All was lost. It was a large upright freezer. It took hours to clean it and surrounding floors. It is stored in our storage room adjacent to house. Now that everything is clean, we can't get the smell out of the freezer. Any ideas? It smells like bad meat.


To not leave on a completely down note, I want to say God has shown his love and blessings thru these difficult times. We have several acres and two lawnmowers with more issues than I have. Lol. My husband spends more time working on them to keep at least one going than on the actual mowing. Still, a new mower hasn't been in the budget. Last week he was having trouble with one and decided to call about a mower on craigslist. It was $500, which puts us in a bind but was an excellenent deal. Upon hearing that dh was a surveyor, the owner said he had some used equipment that he might be interested in. Dh was able to get both the mower and surveying equipment for $500. The equipment alone was worth $1200. Dh was able to sell equipment to his boss for $500 allowing us to get the lawnmower for free and his boss a great deal on something he needed. Praise God, He works in mysterious ways!

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