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Please help, ck-12 chemistry lab???

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I read a post on here a few nights ago about the a lab kit from The Home Scientist to go with ck-12 chemistry.  I have searched and searched but cannot find it again.  I thought the post said which kit to purchase the basic or honors??? 

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Here's the blurb that I wrote in the big chem thread:


*The Home Scientist sells a Honours Chem Lab kit with lab manual that can be correlated to many different chem programs (the lab manual is free to download even if you don't purchase the kit)
He also sells a simplified and less expensive version of the kit meant for Standard (or Regular) Chemistry which also has a free, downloadable lab manual:
NOTE: The free lab manual that comes with this kit is NOT the same as the Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments (by the same author). This kit (and the free lab manual) will give a lab component for a first-year high school chemistry course. The Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments (which can be purchased through Amazon) is meant to give the equivalent of the lab component for a two-year high school chemistry course and would require more equipment and chemicals than are included in this kit.


Is this the info you needed?

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I just did a quick Google search and found a Teacher's Resource Guide to go with the text:



It has lesson pacing ideas in the first few pages and the chapters are broken down into individual lessons.


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