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now how about-if you used Little Hearts For His Glory and DO NOT like it why?


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this fall. I guess the only thing one may not like about it is the book selections themselves. I am not overly excited about breezing through the beginning of history to present in 1 year. However, the layout is wonderful. It will help me to progress through the year, and know all things are being covered that I need to cover. If you like all the book selections, then I don't see that there is much to not like about the program.



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I do not fit the bill with this as I am using this for the first time this year with my four and five year olds and as far as I know I REALLY like it.


It does not have enough literature for me or science... but those are my strong points- so I have that covered on my own . Also, once I got the guide I discoverd the appendix is chock full of literature options. These are history options, though, not science. I school with many living books and the book list is what always "catches" me... this is what would have kept me away... but like I said, I have that covered on my own and need something that will help me keep my children progressing in their skills.


I wanted a strong Christian worldview incorporated in my curriculum. I do not like Unit Studies- hate teaching them... and I need something organized and scheduled due to my large family.


It also has CM flavor which is a very nice bonus.


The "heart" of the program is great.



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I have never used it but knowing what people don't like about something always helps me make better decisions so I hope someone posts. Even with things that I love there is always something less then perfect, kwim?



That was my thought(or hope) when starting the thread:)

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There are a lot of people that use it, at least on the homeschoolreviews.com board that I get on. I've never heard anything bad about it. I'm about to start using it this year with my 4.5 yr old. I'm adding to the science as well. But I like to add to things. I'm like the pp who loves book lists and so I'm always adding in stuff like that. It is very easy to tweak. If you don't like their math you can leave it out. They don't require a particular phonics so that is good.

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Thank you for your thoughts on it!

I've been wondering if it covered enough.


Also, I'm not a big fan of the Little Pilgrims book by CLP, though I think I may incorporate the History Stories for Children book. I noticed that the first half of the manual uses the LP book a lot.


The science seemed very,very light(which is ok at this age)but I am hoping to do more extensive reading on animals and the human body.


I'm realizing I'm answering my own post.



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