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Tapestry of Grace Question

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I have been researching this curriculum.

Is it possible to teach TOG like this:

Sunday- mom reads teacher notes and other pertinent information in the guide

Monday-all read History and History in Depth on their level

Tuesday- all read Literature and Worldview/Church History on their level

Wednesday- timeline/mapping/assign writing


Friday-writing assignment due


Would this type of structure require the deep planning?



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Giving you a bump.


With my limited experience, I would just say it's too much reading to do all in one or two days. For us, it'd be hard to synthesize so much information so quickly.

YMMV and more Weill chime in, I am sure.


I agree.  For my LG/UG student he could possibly read everything in 2 days, but for my D student, there's just no way he could do that much reading at once.

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Just chiming in to agree with the other posters. It would be A LOT of reading. I don't know how old your kids are but to give you an example from Year 4 Week 3:

  • LG would read 8 pages in 1 book for History Core; a complete book for History In Depth; a complete book for Literature
  • UG would read 16 pages in 1 book for History Core; 1 chapter plus 10 add'l pages in 2 other books for History in Depth; 8 chapters for Literature; 5 chapters for Church History
  • D would read 8 pages in 1 book, 40 pages in another book for History Core; 25 pages in a different book for History In Depth; an 88 page book for Literature; 6 chapters for Church History
  • R would read 22 pages for History Core; 70 pages in another book plus 7 pages in a different book for History in Depth; Literature is a study in poetry with additional reading from several other handbooks; 19 pages for Church History.



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Here is someone using a very similar schedule. I posted in the thread I pulled this from that I liked this schedule. On further thought, I also decided it was too much reading in one day. My kids could read it, but I don't believe they could synthesize that much info, ymmv. (Although she mentions giving her child a jump start on Fri which would make the whole thing much more doable, IMO)

Here was our schedule for UG and D students at co-op but you could easily follow a similar schedule at home (and this is what I would do if I stopped co-op at any point). Our co-op meets T/Th so those days were done in a group and M/W were done at home independently. Our T/Th class is 75 minutes. M/W time spent on assignments varied wildly depending on how fast the student read and wrote. My ds12 is very slow so sometimes he would spend a few hours on both M and W but the average student probably didn't need more than 90 minutes. 


Monday: Read History Core, Core In-Depth and complete Accountability Questions/Accountability Writing Assignment (I prepare these and do not use Writing Aids - just personal preference.). 

Tuesday: Go over answeres to Accountability Questions or read Writing Assignment aloud, do map work,  and read Worldview (Church History) together. 

Wednesday: Read Literature selection and complete worksheet

Thursday: Pop Quiz over Lit (found I needed this to get students to read at the level they needed to so that we could have an engaging discussion), discuss literature reading together and do timeline (We choose not to use TOG's timeline information b/c I prefer Homeschool in the Wood's materials but either way is fine - my way is more time consuming b/c you have to coordinate which figures align with each week) 

Friday: This was an off day for most kids but I had ds12 get a jump start on the following week. :)


Probably more than you wanted to know but sometimes the biggest hurdle with TOG is figuring out how in the world to schedule it all! 


Another idea to consider would be giving older students the following week's reading assignments on Friday. Give them a due date - history meeting on Wed, lit meeting on Thur, paper due on Fri, etc. then let them schedule it themselves. You may have to walk them through this and plan daily meetings at first to keep them accountable. You could basically follow the schedule laid out in your OP, but allow a bit more time for the history readings. FWIW, this is what TOG suggests starting in 6th(??? I think) grade.

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Thank you so much for giving this a bump and answering this. It does seem like too much reading for just two days. My oldest is 13 and starting 8th grade this fall. He is definitely a "D" student in TOG's levels and a strong, deep, quick reader. I originally thought of running the week Monday- Sunday with Discussions Sunday afternoon-  and we do school on Saturdays a majority of the year- although it usually is a catch-up kind of day- not a full day.


I think we are going to go with something else- although I am still researching!


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