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Algebra/Geometry Question

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Short version: What do you think about doing Alg/Geom together over 2 years?j


Background: Last year, we did about 3 mos of NEM 1 before trying Saxon Alg (it was free) & finally finding Jacob's Alg around Christmas time. We spent a month or so skipping around (because we'd done so much in other books), found our place/rhythm by mid Feb & ds took the midterm last month. Considering we started the book so late, I'm totally happy with only being 1/2 way through, but I'm trying to plan next year...


I think I should just let him work & if I need to order Geom before the year is up, GREAT! If not, fine.


But I can't leave it alone, so...WHAT IF I order Geom now & have him work through that as he finishes Alg? Maybe 2 days of one, 2 days the other? I *expect* Geom to be easier for him--he wants to be an engineer. But he's very mathy, decent (ish--he's still a not-fully-grown boy, after all) about getting it done, etc. 


*big ears*

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Personal opinion: I would keep them separate. It's excellent he's so mathy :) but I think he should do Algebra first, then focus on Geometry separately next year. Geometry is *usually* considered easier than Algebra so it might be nice for him to have that next year after he's worked hard with Algebra (not that he won't work hard on Geom!). Would he be taking any sciences? He should fully understand Algebra before digging into Chem or Physics.


I just came across this article and I think it gives a really nice overview of how teaching math could/should go. Conclusion for you: Geometry after Algebra (even though the article situation in question is whether to do Algebra 2 after 1 or doing Geom).

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From my experience with 3 of my kids this is what worked for them:


8th grade:  Alg 1


9th grade:  Alg 2 and Geom. (continue into 10th if needed to finish both).  One week MWF they do Alg 2, Tues/Thurs is Geom.  The next week it is switched.


10th grade: Pre-Cal (or finish up Alg/Geom)


11th/12th grade:  College level math at the local community college (Pre-Cal, Calculus, etc.) 



My husband (mechanical engineer) felt this was the best plan to keep algebra fresh while doing geometry.  He did not want them taking only Geom. then going back to Alg 2 or taking algebra 1 & 2 back-to-back.  This did not make "math" sense to him - even though this is how we both did it back in the 80s!


My dd18 had no problems with the math portion of the PSAT, SAT, community college placement test with this plan. 

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What do *I* think?  If this were my student, I would not do both over the course of two years.  I would probably begin geometry on schedule, and continue to work on algebra until finished (meaning two different math periods each day).  I'd rather be under pressure for time now, at the beginning of the year, rather than being stuck at the end of another school year with math again unfinished.


My math hater didn't consider geometry to be math.  She did chemistry with geometry that year though, and she considered chem to be her "math" class, lol.

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Thisistheday: fwiw, he's not behind; he's ahead. So...I'm more concerned about not pushing/hurrying than "getting caught up." You know, in case he gets to a place where he actually needs that extra time/slower pace. Should have mentioned that in the OP. :P

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