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differences between editions of Hakim's History of Us?

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I'm looking at buying them used on Thriftbooks, and wondering if it matters which copyright edition I get. Also, I have the tests and such from Hewitt, and I don't know if they will correspond. Hewitt lists the 1999 copyright. Mainly, I need to know if the chapters are pretty much the same. I can find 1994, 1999, 2003 pretty easily...not sure if it matters which of those I get.

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I've never done a side by side comparison or anything, but at one point, I had several different editions of the same volume from freecycle and used book sales where I accidentally picked up more than one and while the covers were radically different, the interiors weren't.  At a glance, I couldn't tell the difference.  I think it's mostly corrections and minor changes.

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