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geography instead of history year 4 - suggestions?


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I'm skipping the year four rotation of history for my dss- (7yo and 10 yo) - just not ready to get into all the stuff that happened in the recent past.  Thinking about doing either geography or a history biography series such as YWAM Heroes of History and just picking a few to do. 


Anyone have any suggestions for a great geography curriculum for  7 -10 yo boys that has a Biblical worldview?  Would love some hands on activities to do with it.




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From a previous post:



"I started with a general study of the continents and oceans using a poem & song I could email you (I don't know how to attach it.) and copywork pages. We made a paper mache globe, painted the continents on it, plan on filling it with goodies, and then break it at the end of the school year. I also made vests for our 3 dss. and bought country patches here to sew on them as we go around the globe. I made passports that we stamp for each country we visit, as well as add a flag sticker and a picture of a postage stamp from each country.
As far as a schedule...well, I finally decide to break the rest of the year into continents and we will choose a book from one (or a few) of the countries, learn some vocabulary words, label a map, color a flag, learn some interesting facts, do some activities from GTG, and end the continent studied with a meal from Eat Your Way Around the World.
We do get a lot of books and some videos from the library from the literature section from GTG. I bought Christian Heroes books, Geography From A to Z, and We Sing Around the World.
It has all been a lot of work, but our notebooks are looking good, and for early elem., I think we're covering plenty. I wish I had a daily schedule all planned out!!! If you find one, let me know!  :)" 


I was using FIAR with GTG, but I found the only thing I was using from the FIAR volumes was their book lists so I dropped it and just used GTG for our main spine.  

I never got the patches sewn on the vests, but we had a good time learning.  If anyone is interested in the vests and patches, I'd like to sell them.  I can send pictures.



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