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Could you please help me identify 2 pcs of equipment I need for school?

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 -- We school out 2 - 3 times/wk . . . +/- depending on the week.  

 -- We keep the school books on the book shelves in the den, laptops could be anywhere, most supplies (rulers/protractors, pens, colored pencils, et c are in the craft room).

 -- We typically use a tote bag and each time we school out, bag up just what we need for that day.


This works well but sometimes we don't have a pen or earbuds or something b/c we just grabbed a partially filled bad and topped it off with whatever we needed for the day.  


No, not very organized.


So I told my daughter that she needs a new system and to come up with it.  This is her proposaL:

have a smaller tote bag for each subject and put e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g needed for that subject plus a computer bag that will always have a charger and headphones/mic.  We saw a lady with a rolling basket that had a handle that extends (like luggage) and my daughter would like to get one of those to keep in the trunk.  Her idea is that all her bags will be always packed except the laptop bag.  She can just grab the necessary bags and go (to the coffee shop, bedroom, outside, whatever).  She will be able to use the rolling cart/basket/thingy on days that she needs to lug a lot of subjects.


When asked how she plans to store the bags she said hooks over the door.  The problem with that idea is that they all seem to be the same length from the top so we'd need a bunch of doors.  She'd rather have a thing that goes over the door but has lots of hooks going down.  


So where do we find such things?  We need the rolling basket and the over-the-door hooks.  They both need to be pretty sturdy.

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Still looking for the behind-the-door storage, but do you think heavy duty Command strips and hooks might do the job? They might not hang on for long though. Or this, if the "hooks" are strong enough:




As for the traveling storage, you're probably wanting something like this:




More ideas:




Oh, ha, AK_Mom beat me to it :lol:


Or maybe something like this, with S hooks added on?



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I keep a bag stocked with school supplies, headphones and an extra charger for my laptop and the iPad.  When we go out, DD tosses her books into the bag.  I grab the electronics and off we go.  It has been easier for us to keep two sets of supplies - one for home, one for the bag.


As far as a hanging rack, maybe something like a hanging purse rack?  I'm not sure how much weight they hold though.



I have seen the rolling baskets at the office supply stores and also at Walmart

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Do you think hanging bags would be better than maybe getting some kind of a smaller shelf to keep them stacked in? You could even put labels above each shelf so that it's easy to recognize which bag is for which subject? In my mind I picture something like this: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000WEMI7M/boingboing But maybe not as wide so that it takes up the least amount of space as possible.


I love the command hooks, but they're testy with the material of the wall/door you're sticking them to. Plus depending on the weight of the bags she's going to have that might be more hassle than expected.

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