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Miquon - Printing Question One/Two Sided


Miquon - The Printing Poll  

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  1. 1. Miquon - Best use of program (forget cost) way of printing currclick PDF

    • Print One to a page, one workbook to a tab, one giant binder a child
    • Print front/back limiting options to linear workthrough of each worbook and proclick
    • Give up, too much work, just purchase the workbooks somewhere (suggestons for me in Aus?)
    • Something else that is a fantastic idea that will help me
    • Something that has nothing to do with me (i.e. NotatePDF, diff math program) but you're going to mention it anyway (points for honesty I guess :P )

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Forget "cheapness" or "OMG don't print, use PDFnotation-wonder-app instead"


I want to print, and it cost me more to just browse round the internet, than to just print lots of pages.


Now that we have that whole kerfuffle out of the way, I haz a *weally* *weally* bad cold, and my head is completely useless, thefore, I pronounce the hive my brain for the time being.


For the *BEST USE* (not cost) of the program (presuming one might go linearly through the books, but may end up skipping around through different books) and noting that the Currclick version is in black & white (not the pretty colour pastels of the already printed version) how would one print these workbooks (knowing that one needs 3 copies (for 3 kids) of each?


-One to a page and put in a binder for each child

- Two to a page and pro-click a linear workbook for each child (in other words, print and pro-click 3 copies of the orange book and give to each child

- All of the above (for those not paying attention or caring :p)

- Give up and purchase all the stuff again in printed format

- Something completely different (theres always someone)


Hmmm....maybe I'll poll this... now I should sleep. Apparently sleeping 55 hours out of the last 72 isn't enough *sigh*


Thank you to anyone who can help, and huge apologies if I'm not making any sense!


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I chose front to back.  BUT...


If it's massively easier to print them single-sided for you, then just do that.  I really don't think it makes a huge difference for use.  I just tend to err to the side of saving trees if it doesn't make a difference.


And, I would say print them in little groups by thread and then staple them (or proclick them or whatever) into little bundles that way.

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We did pages out of the book for orange and it was annoying to always have the other side left for a different day. I dont think its very realistic to work right in the perfect bound book without removing the pages. For red and the last portion of orange I proclick'd the whole book. I guess that would be your second option. This way we can work on any page we wish since it will lie flat and allow us to put our rods on the paper. No loose papers. Just use a post it or something to keep your place if you want to work through all the threads at once instead of in a more linear fashion. I see no benefit to single sided printing if you are going to proclick or spiral bind. The only way I see it helping is if you were to work in a 3 ring binder that couldn't be flipped over.

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