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If you have used MFW &/or Biblioplan...


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I have a few questions.


I started using MFW a few years ago and loved it for the most part. I was planning to stick with it, but then last year DH got laid off from his job and even though he was only out of work for a couple months, we were very short on funds when it came time to buy curriculum. So I switched to Biblioplan for monetary reasons. I liked it okay, some things I like better than MFW and some I didn't care for as much. Now this year I am struggling with which one to go with.


I would like to go back to MFW (we are in the Exploration to 1850 / Early Modern), but I am having trouble actually deciding. I really liked the timeline much better with Biblioplan, could I use their timeline with MFW or would it be too different as far as the same historical events/person crossover? I really liked the maps weekly in Biblioplan, would we be able to do those or would it not fit at all with course MFW takes with history?


What I liked about MFW is it seemed more in depth and everything was right there for me. I didn't have to rely heavily on a library. I don't have access to a library right now, if I want to check out books I do it online and DH brings them home once a week when he is in town.


I am not sure why I am feeling so uncertain about this. I think part of it is that I am sure I want to do MFW for High School, so I think (though I could be wrong) it would be good to do it for the younger grades too. Does it make any difference if you don't to the younger grades with MFW and just do High School? I also love all their book choices. I love books and it is really helpful to me to have my day all planned out right there for me, especially including science, art, music, etc. I found last year without having that plan in front of me I didn't get it all done like I wanted to. Maybe I could get a planner that I could use that is similar to the one MFW has?


Maybe I should just flip a coin and hope for the best.

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I'm heavily bias in favor of MFW.  used it a looong time and happy. 


You can use another timeline if you line them up, or skip or add.   There were a few times something was neat to us and we made a piece to our wall timeline.  I don't know how different/same the two timeline products are, but a mix and match on that shouldn't be bad as long as you don't over clutter the timeline to the point that it's just too much.  smile. 


in the 1850MOD program, MFW uses the timeline pieces from SOTW activity guide as well as all of the map work in SOTW activity guide. .


if you do a little more maps, or mix and match map work in mfw and biblioplan, that should be ok, as long as you aren't doing map overkill to the point the kids are burned out.  balance it out with the overall week of course.  you might get into maps in mfw and say, that's plenty, or have a week where you need to pull a supplemental map from other stuff.   there's US state/capitals mapping in 1850MOD..  so look to balance it out in the week.  on the other hand?  if the planning to add more maps makes it harder to get it done...  give yourself permission to not do all of maps from each.


library...  there was a stretch of months where we reserved online and when about once every 3 weeks.  or in a good time, I'd look online and have the call numbers and go once a week with no kids, no hubby and just get to have an hour to do fun saturday morning stuff.   ah...  how life changes in every year and season.


You do not have to do mfw in younger years to do their high school.  One of my best friends did not start homeschooling until the 3rd child was in middle of 10th grade.   That family was not only new to homeschooling, but they helped pilot 3 of the 4 years of MFW's high school programs.  they started homeschooling right when mfw was piloting the ahl program.  it was a walk of faith and it worked just fine. 



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