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Where to start with music education?

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Last year was our first year homeschooling.  I was really concerned with getting started and getting the basics in, so we didn't do much in the way of fine arts (the girls were in church choir and that was music).  The girls had previously attended Catholic school where they started out in K-2 with an excellent music teacher and then she got cancer and retired.  From that point on it became find a body to fill the spot and actual learning went out the window.


So, with it being year #2, I feel like I have a little better handle on things and would like to add art and music into our weekly routine.  I've planned our art to hit major artists and illustrators, but I'm at a loss with music.  This stems from my own lack of knowledge on the subject.  I don't know who/what a 5th grader should know.


I don't have money to spend on a curriculum, so this is something I an piecing together myself.  Our local library has a wealth of books, CDs and videos that I can check out.  I just need to know where to place my focus.  Does anyone have any suggestions for composers, musical terms, instruments, etc. that are necessary to know by 5th grade?  TIA

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I'm going to follow this for some ideas too. 


So far I just printed the overview chart from http://harmonyfinearts.org/ and was going to find my own stuff but use the overview as a guideline as I also don't have money for curriculum.  These are very affordable, but I need to spend any spare money we have elsewhere.


Would you want to share what you've planned for art?  I'm lost with both art and music, I really don't know where to start, it's our first year and I have a 5th and 6th grader.

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We started with the 9 Note Recorder Method book in 4th, then music instrument lessons in 5th, for older DD. Younger DD didn't really click with music lessons and a good teacher until 7th, though we tried on and off in 5th and 6th.


Recorder is a great first instrument, and even if your kids don't go on to lessons on a fancier instrument later, I think it's worth doing for a semester or so. It teaches note reading, keeping time, etc, as well as an appreciation for some of the work that musicians put in to learn their craft.



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