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Buying an instrument - trombone

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My daughter began learning to play the trombone in 6th grade.  Life was easy then because all she had to do was sign up with the school band and got to us an instrument for free. She got to keep the instrument over summer and use it again for 7th grade.  Now we are in the states and I don't know where to buy. Our only local music shop at my parents just had guitars and drums no band instruments.   Her band teacher from the school was no help. Their trombones where a few thousand dollars each.  If anything was to happen to the trombone I'd have to pay a few thousand to replace it.  I don't have a few thousand to buy a trombone.  What I do have is a few hundred dollars to spend on a decent just for high school use. We are still homeschooling and where we are moving to the schools don't allow the part time students.  I found a few trombones on Amazon and I don't want to by the cheapest but don't want to by the most expensive.  There are so many options I don't know what to get.  It be nice to go to a music store but don't know of any here in the Coronado/San Diego area so  I looked at Amazon.  I want to buy the instrument and surprise my daughter when we get to our new home. Right now she is bummed because she hasn't played all summer and really likes the trombone.  She still has her piano but she really enjoyed Jazz Band in school and wanted to do something like that when we settled into our new home. 
So any advice on an instrument or know of a different store to buy one let me know.,


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As far as purchasing an instrument, it'll be tricky to find a good trombone for not-much money. Is your local Craigslist a hoppin' option? Does your daughter take trombone lessons somewhere? It's super helpful to have a teacher or other experienced player try out the instrument before you buy it. A kid will sound the same on a good horor a lousy one, but will ultimately be limited by an inferior instrument. eBay is another source for less-spendy instruments, but it's hard to know what the quality would be if you're not familiar with the brands and models.


I like Heigh Ho's idea of chatting with the band director where you'll wind up. It's also not at all uncommon for a band director to know of someone who's selling a horn.


Good luck!

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I would check with the band director. They should know a decent student brand. I played trombone in middle school. Conn and Bundy were good names then. Also the band director may know a decent store in your area. I've ordered other items from Musician's Friend before with good success. 


This is probably a decent starter from Conn-Selmer

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Thanks for the replies. I ended up emailing the school and was given some local stores to check out.  Felt guilty because I didn't say my child was or wasn't attending their school.  The lady who responded 'talked' so proudly of their band director, the class and the cheap rental of only $25 for instrument for the school year or free if you qualify.  She even said how great that I am encouraging my daughter's interest.  The lady sounded so nice via email.  It's a shame they don't allow part timers because they are only a mile down the street from us.

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