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Garden Walk beauty -- and what a small world it is!


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We went on a night time garden walk. People who have unique lighting situations can show their gardens at night (as well as day.)


I am awestruck at people's talent, creativity and generousity! Most of these houses are modest homes with small yards and yet the beauty of the gardens knows no limits! Every house we went to had refreshments and welcoming homeowners.


So, along the way I ran into:


The midwife who was at DS#1 birth


A woman who is the bus driver of DD's godmother's kids (they live about 15 miles away)


My mother's childhood best friend...I heard someone say her (the best friend's) full name and I approached her and asked her if she knew my mom. She said yes and got all teary eyed when I told her who I was. My mom died decades ago, when I was a teen, and I haven't seen this woman in almost as long. I introduced her to my DD (who is named for my mom) and she said my DD looks like my mom. How bittersweet it feels to hear that.

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It brought tears to my eyes when you mentioned the part about your mom's best friend. :grouphug:


It's so cool that she said that your dd looks like her.




It was funny because I introduced DD and DH felt like he had to point out that she was named for my mom. :lol: He kills me.

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I would love to live in a neighborhood that did this! How lovely.

What a great idea! It sounds like a wonderful community involvement activity. Now I wonder how hard it would be to convince my neighbors to participate in something like that.

It seems like many of the suburbs around here have them. (The one in the city is supposedly the largest in the US.)


I think they start with a grassroots effort, LOL!


It is lovely...one of those events that is so inspiring, and like I wrote above, shows the generosity of neighbors. I felt like I should be giving THEM something for opening their gardens.

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What a wonderful experience...in every aspect. A nighttime garden walk sounds absolutely lovely, and meeting your mom's best friend who then told you your dd looks like your mom? Well, that's both tear-worthy and heartwarming. What a special evening!

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