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Help! Switching curriculum as a 5th grader

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My daughter will be in 5th grade this year. We have used and liked Horizons Math since 3rd grade. We are looking at going to MCP math this year. The Scope and Sequence look almost identical. The reason for the switch is the TM. I am a "math" person. It just makes sense. When we get to a new concept and she struggles at all, I am terrible with explaining it in a different way ( because to me, it just makes sense!) and the Horizons TM is terrible. The MCP TM looked more user friendly. Has anyone made this transition before and how do the two programs compare?


We are also looking at doing all other subjects as Rod & Staff. We have never used them before, so any comments there are welcome, too. In the past we have used Horizons, IEW, Shurley English, MOH, Apologia Science and Bridge to Latin Road.



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I've used MCP math before, but we never bought the TM. My biggest problem with it was the lack of review. Once you finish a chapter that concept may not be even mentioned again until the test for the next chapter. We somewhat fixed that problem by looping through 2-3 chapters at a time. (do lesson one of the first three chapters, then loop back around to the second lesson in all of them)


Have you looked at R&S math? Those TMs hold your hand as much as you need them to. There's an optional scripted plan to teach the lesson, an oral quiz of previous concepts, tips to prevent common misunderstandings, and a full size version of the student page with a full answer key. The student text also has direct teaching of the new concept, a small oral/class problem set (catches comprehension problems before they get into the lesson), a large problem set on the new concept, a story problem set, and a review section with small bites of old concepts.

We have used and enjoyed Rod and Staff's math, spelling and English over the years. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend those subjects, but I'd keep your MOH and Apologia science, and do your own literature. R&S history and science textbooks are very dry. I wouldn't want to finish them.

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I would hesitate to use all of R&S's curriculum.  I think that could make for a very long year.  People love their English program and I have heard positive comments about the spelling from some. Oh, and I love R&S Math!  I used levels 1 - 6 with my son.  He is one that needed more explanation, review and practice, so it was a great fit.  I would pull their best stuff and then mix things up with other materials for some variety.

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