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Looking for A Modern Type Reading List (6th & 8th grades)


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I have been looking and found a lot of great classic reading lists but I would love to add some more up to date books also and mix the two for the year.  We do a lot of reading, and a lot of reading together, and sometimes the older stuff can get tedious.  It would be great to mix it up with some do not miss more recent books.  Anyone know where to find decent lists like this??

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I made note of this recent thread on the Logic Stage board regarding a Modern Era book list for a 6th grader with an advanced reading level.  Maybe this will be helpful for you too.  It's a wonderful thread, lots of great advice.




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That's tough. JMO, but the best writing of more contemporary books that is suitable for grade 6 tends to be all fantasy adventure (well-written, but often without a lot of deeper themes). And all the good writing of realistic works seem to include so many dark, depressing, or way-too-mature topics that I personally wouldn't hand the books to anyone below high school...


Here's the feeble handful of ideas I was able to come up with. (lol) I separated by what I felt which grade would best connect with the book, although quite a few I listed for grade 6 would be enjoyable to grade 8 as well. Also, I grouped fantasy/sci-fi/imaginative works together, and then left a space and grouped realistic works together.


Best of luck! Warmly, Lori D.






grade 6 (and up)

- Where the Mountain Meets the Moon (Lin)

- Mysterious Benedict Society (Stewart)

- Invention of Hugo Cabret (Selznick)

- Series of Unfortunate Events #1: The Bad Beginning (Snicket)

- City of Ember, People of Spark, Diamond of Darkhold (DuPrau)

- Percy Jackson series (Riordan)

- Breadwinner (Ellis) -- and sequels

- Esperanza Rising (Ryan)

- The School Story (Clements)

- The Year of Miss Agnes (Hill)

- Because of Winn-Dixie (DiCamillo)


grade 8

- Harry Potter series (Rowling)

- Beneath My Mother's Feet (Qamar)

- The Wednesday Wars (Schmidt)


Other Authors (grade 6+)

- Sharon Creech

- Gloria Whelan

- Cornelia Funke

- Donita Paul





grade 6

- Secret of Platform 13 (Ibbotson)

- Holes (Sachar)


grade 8

- Ella Enchanted (Levine)

- The Giver (Lowry)

- Walk Two Moons (Creech)

- The View From Saturday (Konigsburg)

- Maniac Magee (Spinelli)



Timeless Works

- Tuck Everlasting (Babbitt) -- gr. 6+; pub. 1970s

- Below the Root (and sequels) (Snyder) -- gr. 6+; pub. 1970s

- Howl's Moving Castle (Jones) -- gr. 7/8+; pub. 1980s

- Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (Mildred Taylor) -- gr. 6+; pub. 1970s

- The Cay (Theodore Taylor) -- gr. 5+; pub. 1960s

Edited by Lori D.
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