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If your children are learning English as a Second Language - resources?

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I'm asking this for a friend here, who is finding English classes too expensive and difficult to orchestrate with 3-4 children taking them...


She's looking for something online for primary age children...though in a few years they'll be secondary level....


She wants them to be able to converse with very elderly grandparents and other relatives who cannot do Skype....so she can't depend on her extended family....She's not a native speaker herself and her dh is too busy....




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I asked this question on some other lists and thought I'd share the suggestions for anyone else in such a situation...




you have to go to the grade level on the left - then find 'anglais'

also some free material.



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oops, some proposals I missed in old mails:


1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/


2. ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) the English material for English speaking kids.

It is about learning pronunciation, reading and writing.
To complete I use the grammar book: Essential grammar in use, Raymond Morphy.
the british council website has a "learnenglishkids" site, as does bbcactiveenglish.com



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