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Do 6-7 year (jr. high + high school) Spanish programs exist?

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I would like to start oldest on Spanish next year. Dh and I are both fluent speakers and we have a limited budget, so I am planning on teaching him at home. I'd like to find a program that teaches grammar well in addition to covering vocabulary and conversation. I would like to use one publisher for the next 6 years of study.


My state requires four years of high school foreign language study.


Recommendations? I am finding two years of study programs, but not four, and certainly not six.

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Many public school texts have a 1a/1b to be done over two years in 7th/8th, and then years 2-4 to be done during high school, which makes 5 years.  The 6th year would be AP, which is different materials.


I have to say that I really hate most public school texts.  I find them almost impossible to navigate (although that is mostly a layout complaint).  If you're fluent, I found Breaking the Spanish Barrier to be a nice, straightforward grammar text.  It also has vocabulary.  I added extra reading.  If you're both fluent, you should be able to add conversation.  The BtB website has conversation prompts aligned with each chapter.  I think it could use more structured, step-by-step writing prompts, though.  That's one place I found the public school texts were stronger.

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