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FWIW-Don't let your kids....


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Don't let your kids play in the still pools of water at the beach. I see this everyday, small children and adults playing in stagnent water from creeks that don't push out into the ocean. These stagnent pools are filled with bacteria as is the shorebreak where these creeks flow into the ocean. 


Check out this sight Blue Water Task Force of Kauai Beaches


One might think the beaches are clean in CA, but not always.


Link to main map. Check your beaches.

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We used to live a mile from one of the filthiest beaches in CA--I never let my kids near the water there. There were usually signs posted warning about bacteria contamination, but people went wading and swimming anyway.


The whole thing made me sad.

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At the beaches we go to, the pools of water are left over from high tide. They are usually only there a few hours. Are they dangerous too? I used to let our kids play in them when they were little. They're teens and older now, but I'm curious.


My kids played in high-tide pools all the time.  Cleaner than the swimming pool.



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