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TabletClass Question

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So, after much thought, we've decided to do TabletClass Pre-Algebra. My son is liking it so far. But what he is not liking are the instructional videos. He feels they take too long, especially if he gets the answers correct. It feels like a bit overkill.


So if you are using TabletClass, do you have your ds/dd watch the instructional videos all the time, or just on the questions he/she may miss. Or do you just review the answer key and then go over the questions missed yourself with ds/dd?

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No, we did not watch all the videos, especially not the ones that walk through each problem.  We reserved those for when he had gotten the answer wrong or needed some extra explanation.  If the material by itself was clearly understood I let him move through it as quickly as he could. This in turn allowed us plenty of time to slow down for the more challenging concepts and problems to come. IMO, its important to vary the pace with the students understanding of the material as well as his/her ability to neatly manage the more complex problem through writing out all the steps and double checking their work.


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