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iPad writing apps question

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Does anyone here use either AppWriter or iReadWrite ?


We just got our first iPad and I want to put an assistive word processing app on it and these are the two I am looking at.


I see the AppWriter is supposed to be compatible with DropBox and Google Docs. 


I don't see this type of compatibility listed with iReadWrite.


I see that iReadWrite includes spelling and word prediction that considers phonetic spelling and homophones - AppWriter's info does not mention that - just context-based word prediction.  I am guessing that would not consider phonetic spellings or homophones.


I think that iReadWrite may have superior word prediction and spelling features, but I am concerned that the documents he creates with it won't be anything we can ever get into a word processor on the PC.  It just says, "Documents that you create can be printed and shared or exported via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Messages."  I'm concerned that I won't have a way to make them into a file I can use in Open Office or Google Docs.  Is this a valid concern ?   These apps are in the $20-30 price range so I only want to buy one of them and choose it carefully....I would appreciate input on this !


Thank you !!

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The page contains links that demonstrate how the iReadWrite app works:




It seems you can email the work off the IPad but not as an attachment. The work is copied directly within the e-mail. From the computer where e-mail is checked, you'd cut and paste the details back into your word processor. The app also imports txt and RTF files, so remember to save your docs as RTFs.

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