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Happy topic: If you could adopt personality traits from your kids, what would they be?


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From DD14 I would love to have her enthusiasm and love of fun. I just looked across the street into a group of teens.  There was one teen who was jumping in the air, hair flying, and huge smile on her face.  I didn't even have to see her face, to know who it was.  She is Always the one jumping into the air.   At her 8th grade graduation, she was the only girl who jumped up with a group of boys to participate in the (approved)

 (They used a song with cleaner lyrics) The other girls decided not to embarrass themselves. She loves to ride roller coasters and 'drive fast daddy' should have been her first sentence she said it so often.  , 



From ds18 I would love to have his love of wholesome fun.  When I was a teen, it was drinking,sex, and smoking.  We partied for fun and really didn't do much else.  He helps to lead youth group programs and is always heading off to an event with friends.  It could be game night at the church, a beach trip, going to the Opera, volunteering as a chaperone or leader for a church event, bike ride, hiking....he is rarely home.  My humor, is not so innocent.  My life, wasn't as innocent as his once I was past 13 or 14 yo.  I love that about him.  Just an honest, silly humor that isn't putting anyone down or sarcastic.  



From dd6.  This is my Aspie.  One of  her hardest personality traits is also her best. LOL  She can be furious one minute and then happy the next. She holds NO grudges.  Once she is over something, she is over it.  It is really hard to parent her, because she will be having a huge tantrum one minute, and as a parent she gets us worked up, then just like a light switch, she is fine again, but  we still have the adrenaline in our bodies working its way out.  UGH!  From her, I would love to be able to get mad, and get completely over it in the same hour.  No holds barred, she gets pissed!  But then it is gone like it never existed.  LOL  

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My 7 yo is pure joy.  She is the happiest person I know.  She acts within inhibition, without restraint.  She is exuberant and full of life.


My 11 yo is much more retrained.  He calculates the cost vs. benefit of nearly every action he takes.  He considers the impact of his actions before acting. 


I would love to be a balance of both.

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What a great topic!   :)


From DS10, I would adopt his indomitable spirit, zest for life, thirst for knowledge and the way he digs into topics he's passionate about, his sense of justice, and his incredible inventiveness and imagination.


From DD5, I would adopt her sweet spirit, the joy and energy she brings to everything, her kindness and caring, her ability to see humor in all situations, and her ability to make everything fun.  

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