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Easy Spanish Readers? Anyone familiar with Rod and Staff?

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My 10th dc is using Visual Link, Magic Keys, and the programmed Spanish Reading text. I am trying to decide on easy Spanish readers. I see that Rod and Staff has a reading program in Spanish - but it doesn't look like the English version. Would've been nice if it was the English version in Spanish. Has anyone used it? I do not know Spanish. Would this program be usable as a follow up to the Spanish reading text (which supposedly teaches 2000 words and gives the ability to pursue advanced reading, without relying so heavily on a dictionary).


The only other option I have found is to purchase a set of AR like Spanish easy readers for grade 1 and 2. I am not concerned about the maturity level of the material - since he is using a modern Greek program designed for little kids and is greatly enjoying it. Has anyone tried using easy all Spanish readers as a reading option, for non-native Spanish learner?


Any other easy reading ideas? Is it better to get bi-lingual books?

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Hmmm...I'm not sure if you are talking about a different R&S spanish program than what we are using or not.  I'm sorry if I'm mistaken and none of this turns out to be applicable to your situation. :tongue_smilie:


My dd has been using Nivel A and B of the R&S Spanish.  The first level (A) is primarily learning the letter sounds and starting to blend (and there is some dictation as well).  In level B the child progresses to reading simple sentences.  I can look through levels C and D for you (they are on my shelf) if that is helpful, but we aren't there yet.


If you are wanting to use this program for comprehension, then you may want to look elsewhere.  There are activities that test comprehension, but the beginning levels are more about learning to read.  It is expected that the teacher is fluent in spanish as all of the teacher's guide is written in spanish.

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Do you have a kindle?  If so there are some fantastic first readers in Spanish that are free b/c their copywrite has expired.


I think a first spanish reader designed for a foreign language learner would be much better for you than a first reader designed for a spanish speaker.  First readers for native speakers, just as those in English, often have vocab that would be unfamiliar to FLLs, as well as grammar that would be advanced (and yet perfectly understandable to children--think of a sentence like "the swan had been stuck in the muck.") First readers designed for FLL will have very controlled vocabulary and verbs.  Usually everything is in the present tense, etc.

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