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Jicama recipes?


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This is a spin-off of the fat thread....


I want to buy and try this jicama I see in the stores, but I only find recipes for it that have things I can't find here.


Do you have some simple, but good recipes that would be good for a family trying something new.


ETA:  We're always trying new things, so that isn't an issue -- just being able to find less than usual ingredients poses a bit of a problem.

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I bought Jicama 2-3 times and only chopped to eat with salad one time.   I think of buying it "again" every now and then, but when at the store, I forget.  I'd like to return to it.


Here's another one.   Has anyone made an alfredo sauce using ground cashews?  I spoke with a woman who does this for her dh b/c of his heart issues.  I don't have the recipe.  Anyone?

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Do either of you do Pinterest? I went to check and there are a ton of simple recipes on it. Slaws among them.


No, I don't visit Pinterest - I spend too much time here! LOL!   If you have a slaw recipe, please do share.  Do you think shaved broccoli and ginger w/sesame seeds?  Or, my old standby of simply adding bleu cheese dressing to mix.

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I replied to your question in the other thread, but pretty much what Martha said. They're so sweet and juicy. Cut, slice, dice. Eat plain or with dip. Throw in salad or stir fry.


In fact, we'll jicama with our taco salad tonight.

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Jicama Cucumber Salad with Cilantro Lime Dressing


Equal parts cubed jicama and peeled/seeded/cubed cucumber

One fourth part coarsely chopped sweet red onion

Toss veggies together and dress.



3/4 c oil (I use light evoo)

1/3 c fresh squeezed lime juice

1/2 tsp grated lime zest (colored rind only)

1/2 c packed cilantro, thick lower stems broken off

1 scant tsp salt

Process all in blender and pour over chopped vegetables.


The dressing is from Frontera's Rick Bayliss and calls for a seeded and chopped pepper of your choice (ie Serrano), but I don't usually add that.


I love this recipe, it is yummy and simple, no high calorie ingredients and no added sugar. Experiment with different oils, I personally think the lighter the better.


One warning about jicama. It is a high fiber food, and it may take some adjusting to if you don't eat a high fiber diet! Just so you know where any gastric distress is coming from...! I do love this salad, though, it really helps

me feel full for a long time. Some days it's all I eat for lunch and I am not hungry again before dinner time.


I haven't tried this yet, but I did read that you can sliced the jicama, toss with a bit of salt and olive oil (and I suppose any herbs of choice) and roast it like potatoes.

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