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Converting pdf to word docs? (trying to do my school planner)


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I'm trying to do my planning for this coming school year, and trying out Donna Young's schedules.  I downloaded the pdfs, but can't edit them easily.  Can I convert them to a word doc to edit them (I want my info to stay within the little blocks she has)?  If so, what software do you use?  From Acrobat Reader, it is pushing me to sign up for a program to convert them online.  I'm not sure if I want that or not!  Help me out please :)


I'm trying out her semester schedules.  I think I saw Merry's planner that had scheduling by subject, and then all subjects tabbed in a binder; and I liked that idea instead of trying to fit all subjects into a week and keep them together. I couldn't see what schedule/document she used though, so I'm guessing at one.   I change my system every year it seems; still wondering what works best for us!


Thank  you!

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