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Haircut tools for shih tzu


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I have a labradoodle that has poodle hair.  I do two things: when I've washed her, I used Wahl dog clippers.  They paid for themselves in two clips.  If I'm not washing her (you are not meant to clip dirty hair, because it blunts the blades) I just cut her all over with blunt-ended scissors.  She sits on my lap and I do it in front of the telly.  Because the hair is curly, the evenness of the cut isn't crucial.



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I've been grooming our Shih Tzu for about a year and half now.  I use this clipper with this blade and these guide combs.  As far as brushes and combs -- I went to the local pet stores and big box stores and looked at all the slicker brushes and tested them on my forearm.  I bought the softest, gentlest one I could find,  I *think* that ended up being an Oster brand that I found at WalMart.  If you're shopping locally for a slicker brush check the cat aisle, too.  Some of those are smaller and softer, making them more appropriate for a Shih Tzu than some of the brushes found in the dog aisle.  My favorite comb is one like this.  For nail clipping I prefer either a Dremel grinding tool (use a 60 grit sanding band) or the scissors-type pet nail clippers.  My current favorite shampoos/conditioners are Earthbath products, but I like to try different brands.  I'm having really good luck using The Stuff as an after bath leave-in conditioner.  Just dilute a couple of tablespoons in about a quart of water and pour it over the dog before drying.  You can also use it as a spray-on detangler for those inevitable little tangles and mats that happen if you let the coat grow a little.


Good luck!  I enjoy grooming my dogs.  Sometimes they look good, and sometimes not so good.  But fur/hair grows, and they're never stressed when I groom them.  So it's all good.


ETA:  I also use a forced air dryer similar to this one.


(And no, you don't have to get all this stuff at once, and some of it you may decide you don't need or want at all.  I've groomed my own dogs for many years, so I've accumulated these tools over time, not in one huge spending spree.)

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