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Royal Fireworks Press (MCT) International Shipping.

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Since I live in Canada, I have to email RFWP to get my invoice with international shipping charges. Now that we are into primo curriculum buying time, I was just wondering if any other international shoppers have a longer wait period to get a response from them? I bought MCT last year and remember getting an email back within that same day. It's been about three days now and I know I am being obnoxiously impatient, but shipping can take a while too so I just really want to be able to purchase it and get it crossed off my list. How long do you think I should wait to resend a international shipping inquiry? 

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I've had very frustrating times with them as well, since I live in Australia. Someone on here explained that they are an old couple and probably not used to email and protocol of emailing customers and internet shopping. If there is *anything* like a public holiday or bad weather or something important on the news, don't expect a reply to your email. My friend here in Oz has been trying to contact them for 3 weeks with an order and is about to give up.


Here is a tip: try complaining at their forum and/or facebook page: you get more internet savvy people replying.

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