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Self Study AP English

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If a 10th or 11th grader were to self study for AP English which test would you recommend as easier for a first AP? Student is above average but no superstar and has had a good background in literature and writing.


Any thoughts on the IEW prep materials for either exam?


I took the AP lit 20 years ago and got a "5" so in my mind that is an easy one. I realize things might have changed in 20 years :)

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Ds self-studied for both exams in his senior year. He got a 4 on the lit and a 5 on the language, so he would tell you the language was easier, :) but I'm guessing it was that his interests and abilities matched the material on the language exam better than the lit exam. As with anything, I think it depends on which is a better fit for the student.


He used IEW's lit guide, and we both loved it and highly recommend it. I think her approach and layout is brilliant and perfectly conducive to self-study. The language guide wasn't published until a few weeks before he took the exam. It looks as wonderful as the lit guide, but I can't say from personal experience. I plan to use both guides again when I have another dc  wanting to take the exams.

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Guest mactabbishtim

I would recommend studying AP Lang first. In most public high schools, this course is offered at the junior (11th grade level). For the most part, AP Lit is a senior level course. As a teacher of AP Lit and someone familiar with the course content of AP Lang, it seems like the literature course builds on the concepts of the language course.

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