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I am teaching two classes this fall and... (happy news and WWYD)

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My kids have liked going to co-ops.  As per my signature, I only have one child left who is school aged and she was in a great co-op, recommended here by another WTM mom, last year.  FOr this upcoming year, I offered a few classes and the co=op board decided to let me teach two.  My first is Criminology which is full and is the one the kids are most excited about.  Already I know I have one who is so happy to be taking it as her social studies credit since she wants to be a forensic scientist.  Three other parents came up to me tonight to tell me how happy their kids are that this class is being offered. My other class is Statistics and Research Methodology and lots of kids wanted to take that too.  Some of them were kids who are seniors and wanted more math but not calculus.  Some were like my daughter who is happy to do a math that is super practical. 


As I told the co-op, I didn't mind teaching for free (with just a small payment for supplies I would be buying and using),  But the board insisted I charge $50 per class per semester so I am actually earning enough money to not have to go into our funds to pay for my dd's classes and even some of her activities. Furthermore, I am so psyched to be teaching my passions.  I hope to do this at this co-op for the next two years and then maybe branch out to community college or University adjunct classes or maybe teaching a class at the Lifetime Learning Academy (I do have a master's degree and have done all my coursework and exams for PhD but do need to do a dissertation).  I really wouldn't be doing it for money- I just love to people who want to learn.  I think I will be happier teaching these subjects than I was teaching government and economics.  Yes, I was plenty enthusiastic but since these were mandatory classes, not all the students were all that happy to be taking the classes.  My first year with the classes was better since I had a few students who were quite enthusiastic but the second year I got only three students and they were all quiet introverts. 


Anyway, I still have a lot of work to prepare for classes which start the second week in August.  I have to finish reading both textbooks and then start back, planning lessons.  I have to send out a partial syllabus for each class- just what my expectations are, needed supplies, and that kind of thing- not a list of assignments but at least I have my dh and my dd going away for a week starting this Friday for the big Venture Scout trip.  So nobody to bother me for a week and lots of time to get ready. 


One question,  our cop has a sickness policy which if everyone follows, should keep me safe.  I am a triple high risk candidate for getting very sick with things like flu and pneumonias.  I always get flu vaccines and other vaccines as necessary because of my underlying illnesses and my immunosuppressive medications.  Would I be out of place to send a reminder of the co-ops sick policy as part of my syllabus?  I really want parents to follow it and to realize how important it is to my health to do so.  I am perfectly willing to work with students who need makeup lessons or tests because of illness so it won't be a matter of anyone missing out on getting full credit if they have to miss a class.  WWYD?


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I would definitely include it in your syllabus.  I would also remind them via email as the cold and flu season gets underway.  Most importantly, I would explain it to the students in class, both at the beginning and in about a month.  People have the unfortunate tendency to forget or to think that coming with a little cold won't be a big deal for anyone. If it's a big deal to you, make that clear. 

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Yes, syllabus, and I'd remind them a number of times.  We have an immune-compromised family member, and have even had them make such announcements at church.  Most people think that it is not a big thing to be in public with an active virus, but if my loved one gets even a cold, it usually means 4-6 weeks of illness or more.


IMHO you may even want to go as far as to say that you will call a parent to come get a child who comes to class sick.



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Yes, I will be doing this.  Before I even brought it up, I was talking with the registrar for our co-op and she suggested that knowing about both mine and my daughter's serious medical problems, that I announce it in class, etc.  I have SKYPE and  would be very willing to schedule a personal lesson to catch one up, if necessary.  I will also include it in the syllabus, particularly for the Stat class, that people can do that if they want extra help.

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