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HO versus HITW Project Passport for Middle Ages

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Hi there!  


I'll be guiding a DS10 (very verbally precocious), DD8, and DS5 through the Middle Ages.  We used SOTW1 in combo with CHOLL for Ancients and loved it, but now that DS is in logic stage I'm a little overwhelmed at how the history study for this age is presented in WTM.  Level 2 HO looks great, but it's too hard for the younger two, and DS10 has precisely zero patience for lapbooking and papercrafting. The younger two LOVED History and Literature pockets for Ancients, and I really think they would enjoy Project Passport.


Does anybody have any experience with these?  Do I buy HO for DS10 and PP for the other two, and just adjust so they're all studying the same thing at the same time, even if it means skipping around?  Should I just stick with the SOTW AG for the littler kids?  If I use HO lev 2 , does that essentially take the place of CHOLL?  It looks like it does, and also to some degree it appears to overlap with IEW, at least in terms of outlining and such.


I was planning on just using SOTW2 for everyone, except asking DS10 to do the outlines from Kingfisher and follow the CHOLL logic stage schedule for reading.  Now I feel like I have too many choices and need some real-life experience to try and narrow it down.


Thank you! 



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What is more likely to get done? I am reading SOTW2 myself at the moment and I like it (never took to SOTW1 or CHOLL. Could he just do that and pick a subject every fortnight or month to research more deeply instead of doing crafts. Plenty of 10 year olds are in 4th grade.

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I can tell you from experience History Odyssey is downright boring and difficult. If you can make SOTW work for all your kids, you would simplify your life AND keep the 10 yr old from being bored. Your orginal plan sounds the best option from where I am.

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I planning my own by using MOH and passports. I also bought the notebooking pages from winter promise. I plan on using Maptrek too. Passports looks really fun. I went through it all to place the various activities into our schedule. I don't think passports is enough on its own, but if you add a spine (stow would probably be best for your kids' ages), more lit and some writing it will be great! I will have my kids do some outlining, some lap booking (from hitw passports) and some notebooking to create a binder full of their year's work.


Here is a week view in my onenote plan


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