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So, does anyone use Google Drive for organization, planning, notebooks, et c?

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We use Google Drive for class work.  My daughter has a folder for some classes and she does her work for that class in that folder.  She has a folder for each class we use it for and then she has folders inside folders and pages inside those folders.  For example


  -- Chapter 1

  -- -- Journal

  -- -- On Your Own

  -- -- Study Guide

  -- -- Test


For writing she just has a writing folder and a folder for each paper. 


For Classical GK and Latin she just has a folder for each and within each, a folder for each chapter.  She just uses one long, continuous page for all the separate exercises, et c.


So that is really all we do with it.  Yet, I'm sure it could be used so much more extensively the way everyone else seems to be using OneNote and Evernote.  I've looked at them and they seem neat enough but we use Gmail and Google Calendar and we're already very comfortable with Drive.  


So, I'm wondering if anyone is using Drive for more extensive (especially high school) planning, record keeping, notebooking, et c.  I'd love to see examples of your work!


Oh, I forgot to also add that for Latin and GK, my daughter can compose or do her exercises and then if she has a question or needs feedback before submitting her work, she can just share it with the teacher.  She very much likes that function.  I L.O.V.E. that it saves in the cloud and no more lost work!  No, really: I heart that!

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I've been browsing some blogs and sites of homeschool moms and others who use google calendar for all the planning and drive for the work/notebooks.

I have been using google calendar to keep my clients straight but I hadn't ever used it for anything else. Also we use google drive for school work. And all this time I've tried paper planning after paper planning to no avail. I've never really been able to find my planning/record keeping groove.

Since I do feel that what we do have well orgainzed is in the computer (in drive and google calendar specifically), I don't know why I never considered google for planning and record keeping for school.

So, here I go!

I'm on my phone right now but I'll try to get some links later.


Here are a couple.  You'll find several if you just google for: google calendar for homeschool planning.




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