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I wasn't planning on posting again this soon, but I was hit from left field today


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And the lot of you are my support group so...


It is not officially official, but it looks like I have diabetes 1.5 or LADA.


I was not expecting this. I have no symptoms such as excessive thirst or urination or blurry vision. Really no symptoms at all. I don't even know what to think at this point. I'm afraid to eat any thing.


I have another fasting draw later this week then I'll have the test for the antibodies.


I'm holding it together in front of dd and dh. I'm not sure how.


If you are the praying type I think I could use some prayer. I know people live with this every day. So at some point it will become my new normal. I just never thought it would be my normal.


If anyone has any links or helpful suggestions I'd be happy to see them.



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So sorry you have to deal with this. I was diagnosed a little over a year ago and have spent a lot of time researching online. You can do this! I've found that LCHF is the best woe for me. There's tons of info out there. Once you get over the shock and the fear of eating anything (I had the same issues) and everything that goes with it, you'll figure it out. 

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You are so capable, persistent, and thorough. It will serve you well in your healing and wellness. Yes, you need to get through the early, scary, "shock" weeks or months.

Surround yourself here and in person life with supportive, loving, encouraging people.


:::::::healing and wellness thoughts:::::::::::

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Mom of a Type 1 for four years, here:


Give yourself time.  Don't create big scenarios until you know for sure.


Then give yourself some more time.


If you do have one of these conditions, eating will be a big job for a while. It will consume a lot of your time. 


But that is temporary. 


When we started this journey, we wrote up common meals that we normally eat, and one at a time, figured out the carbs.  This gave us a cheatsheet that helped a lot.


Just like everything else, over time you get better at figuring things out.  Now both my DD and I can glance at something and make a darned good guess at the carb count.


Mostly you need to give yourself permission to grieve, to adjust, and to have to learn something new. And, give yourself lots of time (are you sensing a theme here, LOL?). Eventually, you will get used to the new normal.


And they are making breakthroughs in diabetes left and right.

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I will be praying for you.


Interesting that I should read this because I had a test last week that showed a very high glucose level. I am being tested again tomorrow.


I have lupus & Hashimotos, both autoimmune diseases) but I'm also older and somewhat overweight so it could be LADA or type 2. Or it may be a lab error, which is what I am hoping for. (-:



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