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Where to go for a trip for a 10 year old?

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SIL takes all the nephew/nieces on a trip of their choice in the USA when they are 10. Ds turns 10 later this year and is trying to choose. He is picking the big name places (Hawaii, Puerto Rico/US Virgin Islands, Yellowstone). All are good options but I’m trying to help him think of other ideas. One is that I think a trip to Hawaii will be too long for that age (because of distance she wants to go for 12 days if they go to Hawaii). One is that due to other things going on we’re having some trouble finding time for him to go (partially our schedule, partially hers). A great time in our schedules to go would be Feb or March next year but Yellowstone is out that time of year. PR/VI might be an option but I’m trying to think of other ones to suggest.


So where would you go in Feb or March? This is for a 10 year old boy who loves science, nature, animals. He likes trying new experiences. Things he is excited about in the places he’s looked at are white water boating, horseback riding, snorkeling, hiking, etc. He likes history or science museums or sites as long as they are fairly hands-on. SIL is an experienced traveler (works as a medical missionary and is an ER doc) so I’m not worried about that. She will over-research and over-plan anywhere they go and keep him safer than I might. They both like to be pretty busy, especially SIL. 


Other thoughts I’ve had...


Florida Keys (although SIL is not excited about this idea, she’s been and thought it was boring)

Arkansas...he is very interested in going to the diamond mine there 



Thanks in advance! 

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I highly recommend the Western North Carolina mountains. We recently came back from a trip there, and it was awesome. The outdoor opportunities are vast, from treetop adventures to whitewater rafting to hiking up mountains and exploring mines. The Blue Ridge Parkway is beautiful as well, and the WNC Nature Center is a great place to see Appalachian animals. However, the best seasons to go are fall, summer, and spring. I highly recommend the trip, though, especially for a boy who loves nature and animals.


There is the Asheville area, but Boone and Blowing Rock may be good in the winter too as I believe they have skiing. Check out Grandfather Mountain too. Lots of creeks and ponds and lakes and rivers to fish in too.


Oh, and I live in the Florida Keys. Not much to do if you're not a hardcore diver or fisherman. Of course snorkeling and swimming, but I think he would enjoy the outdoor enthusiast mindset up there more.

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Boston was my first thought.  I don't know about the weather at that time of year, but between historical value, a first-class science museum, (skip the children's museum for that age), new Boston Tea Party museum, parks, etc.  It's a beautiful destination.  


Texas weather is hit and miss that time of year.  In February, we might have frost, but we never get significant snow.  March will be mostly beautiful, but may have significant thunderstorms.    Galveston offers a beach, but it's the gulf, not the the beautiful sea and will be crazy busy in March for spring break.  Houston offers NASA and a host of other opportunities, San Antonio has Sea World (in Feb??), romantic river walk, and the Alamo.  Dallas has a new science museum and lots of kid activities (I can send info if you want).  Bear in mind that a rental car is necessary in TX, driving between cities takes hours/a whole day.  In March the roadsides have beautiful bluebonnet flowers.  


Feb and March would be a good time to go to the southwest.  White Sand Dunes in New Mexico, Skiiing and art in northern NM, Grand Canyon in AZ.  Colorado is always beautiful.  Native American cultural attractions abound, beautiful desert scape.  Also a LOT of driving.  

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What about Space Camp in Huntsville, AL? Science loving ds went for 2 days when he was10 and LOVED it! Nearly all of it was hands on. Copied from the site: "Trainees take command of their own simulated space missions, fly jet simulators, or engineer land, air, and sea robots!"


No way! I want to take him to that. :) 


Thanks for the suggestions everyone. We have lots to think about. 

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