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American history for grade 4

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You could get the Beautiful Feet Early American History guide and get the books from the library (my 4th grader will be using the Primary). Also, they have a new history book, A Child's First Book of American History.




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Thanks! I do wish I could look thru the BF new book. I know it has just been re-done from the Rainbow history book, ( or something like that), but I cant find a site that will let me see the pages of the book. It is a possibility. And I didn't know anything about Guesthollow, so thank you, I bookmarked it. The Complete book is a possibility too, with some supplements..


Has anyone used America from the Beginning from AIG? It is in the right age range, which seems to be kind of hard to find for what I am looking for- Christian, complete, interesting, lol


I love love love America the Beautiful from Notgrass, but its kind of pricey and a little too old for him I think , (maybe) and the time travelers cds look interesting, but I dislike printing everything out. Still they call to me... I am being too picky.

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My son's 4th grade history curriculum will be The American Revolution.  I've gathered LOTS of resources for us on my pinterest board.  Check it out here:  http://pinterest.com/carennh/american-revolution/.  We're lucky enough to live in New England, so I figured this was the perfect area to begin our homeschooling history study.  TONS of opportunities for field trips etc.  For example, we'll be heading up to Fort Ticonderoga in upstate New York for their homeschooler day the first weekend of September.  Then the "Fort at #4" in New Hampshire has an entire weekend in October devoted to the Revolutionary War, General John Stark (he's the one who said Live Free or Die), mustering the troops etc.  We'll also visit Concord and Lexington, Bunker Hill, The Boston Tea Part Museum, and lots of other places.

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