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I wanted to like this but the hypocrisy just annoyed me!


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Has anyone seen this?




Basically Dustin Hoffman has an "ah-ha" moment while preparing for his role in Tootsie about women and the unfair focus on how they look. He even gets choked up because he realized that there are a lot of amazing women that he never even tried to get to know because they were not physically attractive.


So why in the movie Tootsie does his love interest have to be so beautiful? (It was Jessica Lange). The movie spends lots of time playing up her looks. Her hair was always perfect. He obviously desired her physically. Then even had the required "beautiful girl riding bareback on a horse" montage while playing a sappy song.


I am glad he had this epiphany, but I would have been way more impressed if they showed him falling for a girl based on her personality.


I still love the movie Tootsie, but blah on him.




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Just because Dustin Hoffman made the film for that reason doesn't mean that the screenwriter, director, or other actors had that in mind. It sounds more like a personal reason for him to fulfill the role, a moment to experience life as an unattractive woman and hopefully empathize with women in the future. 

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I got from the video that he and his friend developed the idea for Tootsie. He said that they worked on the concept for about 2 years before even finding a director. He also went to the movie studio and had them agree that if he could not pull off looking like a woman they would not make the movie with someone else.


It sounded to me like a lot more was in his control than just being an actor who was approached by a studio with an existing script. He developed the concept and the whole movie idea.



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