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Economics for 3 grade


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As my oldest child starting earning a bit money, I want to have an economics program of sorts going on with her. I am even considering teaching this for few more children too, as in a co-op type of setting.


So, anyone here knows of a fun program for elementary children? I do work on my child with concepts for savings, and how to spend, but I want to have something more substantial.


Thank you for your help. Have all a great week.



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We have the Intellego elementary economics units, but haven't used them.  I tired of Intellego's online format and want to "translate" these into something I can teach offline; I hope to do this for next year, which is 3rd for my older child.   FWIW, I was very happy with the content of these and A. liked them pretty well.  If I don't make time to adapt the materials over the summer we may just use them as is next year, I'd really like to get the economics content into his head.  ;)


Here are the  Intellego units for Economics grades 3-5;

these are the Intellego Economics grades K-2. 

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As a PP mentioned, the Council for Economic Development does have several programs, one of which is Playful Economics.  An older version of it (It used to be called PlayDoh Economics) is available for free online.  http://www.eric.ed.gov/PDFS/ED315359.pdf  It uses hands on lessons with playdough activities to teach basic economic principles.  The description says it can be used from 3rd grade all the way up to 12th.  

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