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Maybe a dumb question

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I need to check out WTM from the library and read the logic stage part, but that won't be for another week, and I'm not patient. 

What do you add in the middle years? 


We will be finishing up grammar this year with my 10 yr old. I'm adding in some other stuff, but his schedule looks thin.
We'll be continuing with his writing program, Imitations in Writing. 
He's starting Latin and Greek roots.
I'll find him a formal logic program this year or next. 
I'm deciding on a formal science program. 
We'll continue History. math, art,music with his brothers. 
He's working his way through an extensive literature list. 

What else is needed for this stage?

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I'm new to doing a semi-WTM type of homeschooling. I will also have a 5th grader next year.  What you listed seems about right. I think "logic stage" is more of an idea than a set of subjects to cover. 


From the best I can remember from my one or two reads of WTM, the child would start to take on more independent study. But still with your facilitation and help. Basically by now  (hopefully) your basics are covered and they can build on the foundation laid in 1st-4th grade. 


Formal logic seems to be the big thing added. I don't really like any of the selections recommended in WTM. Building Thinking Skills and other books by Critical Thinking Press are good, but that's just "puzzle" logic. I'm going to try to do the two middle school books from Philosophy for Children, Philosophical Inquiry and Ethical Inquiry. It's a steep price tag though. http://www.montclair.edu/media/montclairedu/cehs/documents/iapc/Curriculum-Brochure.pdf


For history, this is when the timeline is introduced. I'm sure people do timelines way before logic stage, but I believe there is more work with it now. Also outlining is done within the history and science studies. 


I didn't really understand the science recs in WTM for 5th grade. Creepy Crawlies? It's a cute book, sure, but my Kinder would get more from it than my 10 year old. I wanted something meatier, so I went with RSO bIology. 


We haven't done any formal Latin.  :leaving:  But we have dabbled with roots. I think I'll do more with that. When looking at my budget and priorities, i just can't give formal Latin any sort of traction. 


Basically just the same type of studies but in more depth and with more written output and logical analysis. 



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WTM recommends adding a 2nd foreign language in the middle school years, continuing latin,  and critical thinking books are added heading towards formal logic in 7th or 8th grade.   The work changes in writing, history, and science, but you go back to the ancients.  WTM history has been a big hit in our house for logic stage, but I don't like the science recs either.  I have stuck w/the rotation for science, but have chosen different materials.  Everything else is pretty much WTM style here as it works great for us. 

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