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What are my options for geometry?

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I can not find a geometry text/course that I think dd would like. I was going with AoPS, but she doesn't need to be challenged so much. I'm not sure the discovery approach would work well either.

So what are all the geometry texts and courses you know of? This is the one subject I have no clue what I'm using this year for her 9th grade year. There is a limited budget, too.


Thanks in advance!

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For my math-challenged youngest dd, I like MUS Geometry. I would actually prefer to use Teaching Textbooks with her so I could get completely out of the picture, but she won't do anything related to math on the computer.


I used Jacobs Geometry for my two older girls.  I like the program, but it does require you to get inside Harold Jacobs's head on occasion. My middle dd took about half of the year to get to the point where she nearly always understood what she was being told and what she was being asked for in the problems.


I picked up a copy of McDougal Littel Geometry at HPB recently and I really like the look of it.  This may be what I use when I teach a geometry class. Jacobs works fine for one-on-one, but I don't think it's as good for a group.

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I used Teaching Textbooks' Geometry with my not-all-mathy daughter and it worked really well.  She actually liked it.  The dvd lessons were really clear, and the set comes with answer dvds that have the instructor working through every single problem (both homework and quizzes) is solved.  The information was in digestible segments, too.  The materials come with a book that is essentially the dvd oral information presented in writing, and so it really helped my visual learner kid to be able to watch the dvds and follow along in the book, too. 

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Have you found the text for a good price? For those of you who have used Harold Jacobs text, what did you like about it? We have been using the algebra text with DVDs, in the upper chapters it could use a bit more in depth teaching/a bit more teaching--at least that's what we found. What have you found with the geometry text?

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