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**Trigger** (pregnancy related)


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I'm about 2 months along and started bleeding pretty heavily. Dark blood, so at least that's good. We're not talking spotting, though. I'm also cramping. This would be my second MC if that's what is going on. I have no doctor here where I live, but I'm sure there wouldn't be much that could be done anyways. My plan was to see a doctor in my third month.


I guess I'm just looking for advice. I'm exhausted. Crampy. My breasts aren't hurting as much as they were (TMI). AND I have to work all night. Fun!

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I'm very sorry. It could be a mc or it could not. Either way, please treat yourself nice. pretend to be sick and put yourself to bed, let someone else handle the kids, or put them down with fast food and a movie. Seriously, rest as much as possible.


I would go to a dr, if at all possible. There are other reasons for heavy bleeding and cramping. Position of the placenta for instance, uterine rupture, etc.

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