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Living Books Curriculum?

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Thanks Amy! It does look so good! I was thinking of doing the first grade guide for my k, 1, and 2nd graders. I love the books that they use . And, I love the idea of studying both world and ancient history at the same time . The first grade curriculum seems like a nice mesh ( for us) of what they should be learning at this stage .. But, I do have toddler who is very active so I need open and go. I also feel like I will need some type of history cycle ( eventually) that I can fold them into ... But for now this seems so fun and interesting .. Maybe I will email them to see how much prep is involved .

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I used LBC for a few months last year but had to quit as I had a new baby in the NICU and got so far behind I felt like I'd never get caught up so we switched to something different.


It is a lovely curriculum, but I found it difficult to combine my kids (K and 2nd).  I used the grade 1 curriculum.  Many of the books are advanced and went WAY over my Kers head (he was a young K - still 4 when we were using it). I didn't use the LA at all, but could have for my Ker (it is very gentle).  I didn't find it to be much prep.  I went through it all when I first bought it and made a list of supplies, it was easy to just look at my list and pick up what I needed each week.  I really wish I could have given it a fair shot this year b/c I could have made it work for us if we hadn't gotten so far behind.

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I'm going to be using LBC 1 with my first grader. I own many books already and only needed a guide as I also have a 5th grader (I'm planning own curriculum here) and a mentally and physically active two-year-old.

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