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ACT scoring question

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It appears that my dd will not be getting any scores from her June ACT test. The website says that they will not be providing any further information on why the test scores were canceled. Are we now simply out the scores and the test money? If it wasn't through any fault of her own, don't we at least get a free test next year? Can I expect any additional correspondence at this point? I'm glad this was only a practice test. But, my dd is quite upset that she spent the time and effort to no end. And now I will have to hire someone to do a portfolio review this month to turn into the county. Frustration all around! :(

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Probably some idiot cheated, and they canceled everybody's scores for that location/room.

They don't want to talk about it because it embarrasses them and

because it makes them look bad.


I am very sorry for your child!  That must be really frustrating!


Could you order some other standardized test like the Stanford 10 TASK / OLSAT?

BJU can order those tests for you and they ship them to a local tester.  You test

for a few days (no preparation required) and a few weeks later they have a very

detailed assessment of your child's strengths and weaknesses.  They cost around $28



Maybe that way you don't have to hire that person?







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