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Science projects to demonstrate energy for co-op

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Does anyone have any great ideas? I've found some projects involving dropping balls and seeing how far they bounce up, but as my husband commented, without a high speed camera (or a video camera) measuring that could be tough. Does anyone have any great ideas? The age range is 8-12 or so.










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Did you check out the Disney Science video?




There is a BLOG that she tells you what they do as an experiment in each one - let me find that link.




Ohhhh, I remember thinking that would be cool to build!! :D


Otherwise, I got 'nutin!

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Rubber band car


Balloon car


You can also try a marble run with different weights and/or sizes of marble, and different tilt angles (if you make your own out of empty paper towel rolls). A ticker tape experiment would also be fun but that requires equipment.

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We're using the Disney science videos, actually, for the co-op. I've got the Newton's cradle as a possibility-I'm just not sure how well it will work with the age ranges because my experiences with those is that they have to hit right in the center for the energy to transfer-and if the string is a little too long or tied with a different knot, it doesn't work. I can think of a few kids in the group who that could be meltdown inducing-so I'm thinking I'll build one as a demo and for them to play with, but have other experiments for them to do themselves.


I like the marble run idea.

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