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How do your 5th graders use student planners?

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In public school, they use them to mark down their daily homework, project due dates, and test dates.


This will be our first year homeschooling (a 5th and a 2nd grader), and it would seem that all of their work is homework and is listed in the planner I keep. Do your kids just note test dates and project due dates? How else do they use their planners?


I guess I'm a little unsure since I always thought of the planner as a way for the student to remember which books to bring home when, and a way for parents to be sure their kids were completing all assignments and keeping up with all due dates assigned by their teachers.




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My DD is a rising 5th grader, and we haven't made use of a student planner yet, nor am I planning to. She does get a printed to-do list each day, with things she is to do independently clearly marked as such.

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My oldest is a rising 5th grader, my second is starting second grade. This is the first year that *I* have needed a planner. Well, I suppose I needed one last year but I didn't know it until we fell apart at the end of the year and didn't meet our objectives.

I offered my kids a checklist to help keep us all on track. The same one they use for chores, but with schoolwork instead. This will hopefully prevent premature declarations of "I'm finished! "

I can't imagine they would need their own planners until they are considerably older.

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