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Anyone ever use Flonida 5% Cream on their face?

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I have been having trouble with spots of cancer and pre-cancer on my face and chest. I have already had two cancer spots removed from around my left eyebrow and now barely have any left eyebrow left. I have also had a cancer spot removed from my upper chest, just under my neckline.


When I was younger I had many bad sunburns and I have fair skin so now I am paying that price. I was concerned that I would have lots more on my face so my dh prescribed the Flonida 5% cream. Today is the 11th day of using it twice a day and I am pretty miserable. My face looks hideous, very red and, in some places, crusty. Very painful and I am having to take pain medication.


I am suppose to use it for 14 days, though I don't know if I can last that long. On the upside, I have read that it is suppose to make your skin look much better and younger than it did before but I think it takes quite a while to heal.


I am just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this medication.

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