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Lost Tools of Writing - How do you choose topics?

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I'm working my way through the material so far I don't see any guidance on choosing topics for the essays.





Tina's right of course! The program is designed to be used alongside your other studies.


You might be interested in the LTW yahoo group as there are samples and some writing ideas there.

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Hi Carolyn,


Here's the deal. First choose some characters from your literature (or choose one from a science or history study).


Next list several actions that each character took.


After you have a list of actors and actions, choose one pair and ask whether that actor should have performed that action.


For example you might ask whether Sidney Carton should have taken the place of his friend in prison. Or you might ask whether Scout and Jem should have crawled under the Radleys' fence. You might ask whether Achilles should have been angry with Agamemnon. You can ask whether Almanzo should have fed taffy to his pig, or whether George Washington should have crossed the Delaware - or Julius Caesar the Rubicon.


I hope that helps!


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