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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

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It's about 11:30 here and we've been busy!



-cleaned two bathrooms

-two loads of laundry

-breakfast done and cleaned up

-big girl's swimming lesson

-DH lunch packed and off to work

-lunch is being eaten

-I'm dressed and showered


To be done:

-lunch clean up

-dinner and clean up

-summer soccer tonight

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Ummm not to get dehydrated from "morning" sickness. Yesterday was horrible, couldn't keep anything down.

Take dd to library program, might pick up her friend. Dd has been rather lonely since I spend most of my time being friendly with the fire pit. Done, dd's friends can't come over but they went to the library with us so she got to play with them for a little while.

Laundry, mostly folding and putting away (wonder if I can just haul a couple of baskets to the fire pit?)

Dishes, if not well maybe I can get dh to do those when he gets home.

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Dh was up at 5:30- cut out and replaced rotten window section, primed and painted- moved 25' of scaffolding and re-set it up and ds primed and painted the "hang-over sectin on our eyebrow wall before it all got moved.

I scheduled repair service for diswasher

Wrote a curriculum review -PreScripts

sent several emails about licensure/camp etc.etc.

Wordless Wednesday blog post

made breakfast/lunch for dh

cleaned kitchen

got ds 13 up and going on painting porch eves

ordered supplements

ordered books/dvd's from library

dd and I are going to be working on some school while the boys paint

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took ds to water polo practice





to do:

rewrite debt plan ala Dave Ramsey

freeze chicken and beef meals for crockpot

make snack bags for fridge/cupboards

shopping for shoes, new crockpot (mine cracked down the side on last use)

read :hurray:

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Good Afternoon!



Bed stripped, 1st load in wash

Dishes in dishwasher


table washed

trash bins emptied

kid's music practiced

misc. planning - curriculum, birthday, trip


To Do:

Story time

make apple chips

Bring dd and friend to youth group

Whole Foods

2nd laundry load

Make bed

Dinner prep (rice/veggies in cooker, bbq out of freezer)


More misc. planning - curriculum, birthday, trip


Lunch - Squasharoni and Cheese

Dinner - BBQ pulled pork, rice, broccoli

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I'm in.


Have 2 extra kids still here from yesterday. Slumber party was a success. The only thing done today thus far, is return the calls that came in when I was too tired to answer the phone this morning, brunch is done and 1 load of dishes but I have a lot more to do.


To Do today:


Finish cleaning girls room (this was a tough room. When I started my renos all the furniture/toys/school stuff etc went in there. the Furniture and school stuff was taken back out but all the toys remained and the room was trashed in the process of taking stuff back out. SO it is a big process)



pack dd5 for her trip that starts on Friday

start packing dd13 for her trip that starts on Monday

Finish cleaning livingroom(the mess from the sleepover and wash the floor)

clean the kitchen (ugh, just ugh when I walk in there right now)

check water levels of all animals and make sure none are getting over heated

weed veggie garden

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11:30 report -


Kitchen is a mess. I left dh a note promising to clean it once we get back home again.


We are having school at the library. For some reason, the study room we had reserved was not reserved. I absolutely know I had reserved the room because we had a substitute librarian that I had to talk through the reservation process. I wonder what she did with the reservation? Fortunately, the person who was using it instead left about a half hour in so now we have our quiet room.


Tried to work on library stuff. Computers were down. Now they are up and I was able to renew materials. I will have to stop by here again on our way to other errands to drop off a couple of books that couldn't be renewed.


Ds is ready for his Latin tutor.


Ds put in his application for some more library volunteering opportunities.

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I was catching some extra zzzzzz's this morning. Man, yesterday was rough.



Ate breakfast

Did some laundry

Soaked in a tub with epsom salts

Ate lunch


To Do:

More laundry


Do a little tidying up in the living room and school room


My SIL dropped off a huge bag of Rice Krispies cereal and marshmallows...obviously a hint that she wants me to make Rice Krispie treats for the 4th. I don't want to :( I'm going to see if dh will make them.

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Almost 330pm. Sleepover kids are all gone. I got the garden 1/2 weeded before ds14s meltdown caused me to need to stop. He does not do well with a lack of sleep and 2 sleepovers in as many days plus the late night on Friday is just not working for us. Taking a minute to see if he will settle and then back to finish the weeding. No other chores done yet. I have to much to do and I have a feeling I won't be able to really get down to it until he goes to sleep tonight. When he gets like this is it like having a 2 yr old in the house, a very cranky 2 yr old.

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Welcome home from the hospital, LoriAnn. I wish these threads made it so I only had to take care of things every couple of weeks!


The kids and the dog are staying at grandma's for a few days so that'll really cut down on the work! I hate taking things easy but that's doctors orders.

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8:30 check in:


Had my date with dh for our 20th wedding anniversary (actually last week). We went up the Great Wheel in Seattle and then ate a very nice salmon dinner. :001_wub: :001_wub: :001_wub: Then we went shopping for a new air purifier!


At home - finished cleaning the bathroom that the kids had started (but wasn't quite up to my standards).


Latin tutor was in a fender bender and had to cancel.

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