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Learn Math Fast...Reviews?

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I was wondering since its been a while now, whether anyone has reviews/thoughts/opinions on Learn Math Fast Books?


They are obviously an expensive purchase, and I would have to get them in one lot (overseas shipping) so would like to hear some more reviews first?


I looked at the samples, and did the test. Its for furthering self-education (I skipped grades, left school, jumped around through TAFE plus have memory problems, so there are gaps, things I have forgotten etc.'


I like the format (which is good, as it needs to be something that keeps me interested), but its hard to tell about a series or even just one book from a couple of samples


Also if I get it and use it for myself, is it suitable for a 2nd/3rd grader? My daughter does self-led as her main program, so it would be nice (especially when shelling out those dollars) for it to also be easily understandable (bt not neccessary, just nice) for her, if she decided to take it and read through it? She has plenty of math lit and stuff, but shes the sort of girl that would like that sort of thing (straight to the point, written to the student, not pages of worksheets, but questions etc) so thought I would ask :)

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